Frequently Asked Questions - Coffee, Espresso and Tea

We recommend storing capsules in their original packaging in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. If possible, seal bags with a food clip to maximize shelf life.

Renato's is a closed single-serve system, which means our Coffee and Tea capsules are uniquely designed for our machines in order to work in perfect harmony with each other. This allows us to guarantee consistent quality in every cup.

To achieve the perfect flavor in our espresso and coffee blends, our capsules are specifically designed with a finer coffee ground in a compact profile to match standard serving sizes offered in the finest Italian cafes. This means espressos are brewed at 1.2ozs and coffee at 5ozs. This allows us to bring the cafe to your kitchen.

While the water output/cup size on the machine can be customized to personal preference, we recommend using multiple capsules to make a Lungo.

No, each Renato’s capsule is designed for a single serving to maximize quality and consistency with every cup. Reinserting used capsules can damage your machine and void your warranty.

Our capsules were designed to be recyclable from the start. Each capsule is made with the absolute minimum amount of polypropylene (only 2.2grams/capsule) to maximize compatibility with local recycling centers. Capsules can also be incinerated to generate a new energy source.
We believe this is the most eco-friendly option on the capsule market, but are constantly working on better environmental solutions, including a biodegradable option.

While our capsules are fully recyclable, every municipality has different recycling requirements and capabilities. Check with your local municipality to learn more about what your recycling options are in your area.