Frequently Asked Questions - Milk Frother

While the container is designed to be dishwasher safe (top rack only), harsh dish washing chemicals and extreme heat in the US have been found to reduce the induction properties and inhibit performance. As result, we recommend hand washing the container to maximize the life of the product.

To wash the milk frother container, we recommend performing the following steps after each use:
  1. Place a drop or two of dish soap in the container
  2. Fill halfway with warm water
  3. Use a fine brush to scrub away any milk residue
  4. Rinse out thoroughly with fresh water
  5. Turn container upside down and let air dry

Yes, our milk frother is a stand-alone machine and works independently from the coffee machine.

When frothing milk in the Renato’s Milk Frother, the thickness and consistency of the foam will vary greatly depending on the type of milk used. For a thicker, creamier foam, use whole milk or any type of milk with a high fat content. Skim or low-fat milk produces the largest air bubbles and a higher volume of foam, but the taste is more neutral.